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Episode 101- Glyphosphate Options.

May 24, 2022 Douglas Clement
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Hello and welcome to the NC Cooperative Extension podcast and Cherokee County. My name is Douglas Clement. I'm the County Extension Director with Cherokee County. And with us today, we have Jim Wilcox. He is a Master Gardener or one of our Master Gardeners in Cherokee County and we're going to be talking a little bit today about glyphosphate alternatives. Holy smokes. That's a big word there, Doug. You said that pretty good. Well, a lot of people knows it is round up, but there's a lot of other alternative names out there. But we do have a lot of people that calls the office and says, you know, Hey Doug, what can we use besides Roundup or glyphosphate to kill weeds. And we, I just thought, we'd talk a little bit about that today. And of course, one of those is one that I'm sure everybody's going to really enjoy hearing about, and that's just manually removing the weeds. Right? Pulling the weeds. Doug, Doug, you're killing me. You're telling me I have to pull a man. Yeah, I'm not too crazy about that either. But I think you know, that is one way. If you've got some, some, some kids that might need some things to do or whatever, that might be way too. What if my kids have grown up, then you might not want to try that option, but it is one thing that you can do. Another thing that some people users and I have seen them use before is what. Flame or hot hot fire process in which you've got a flame thrower on the end of the propane. Oh my. And you basically burn the weeds and it does work, but you've gotta be careful with that. Right. My neighbor fireman might might keep him up at night thinking about me doing that. And it also it's not cheap with the way propane costs now, but it definitely is, is an auction, but it it's a it's, it cannot be very selective. Sometimes it's also going to kill if your weeds is between your plants, you could get your plants too. There you go. If you're not careful, you get your house, Doug. Yeah. You get a lot of things. So you just want to be careful with. The other one that, that we want to talk a little bit about is if you're just worried about using glyophosphate, is there are other herbicides out there that's available that you can use to kill those weeds? There are some what we call pre-emergence herbicides and those, you basically just kill the seed and they keep it from germinating. Yeah, and that works pretty good. You, you've got to get that out before that seed germinates though, because once that seed germinates, then you're just putting out something that's not too late, too late. That's right. And then of course you've got other herbicides that are selective glyophosphate is a non-selective herbicide. It kills. Anything that you spray it on, but you've got what we call selective herbicides that will kill either grasses or broadleaf weeds. So you can utilize those two if you want to, but if you're just not wanting to use chemicals, of course. So something more natural maybe. Yeah. Maybe, you know, a. And our article on the website, it does talk about vinegar and water. And some people have had success with that. And of course, you know, that's something that you can go on our website and up at the top right hand side, we have a search bar and you can just type in the word glyophosphate and look at the publications and the alternative publication will pop up and you can read everything that's inside that publication, basically. Perfect. More detailed than here then. That's right. Well, we appreciate everybody listening today and appreciate Jim being with us today. Good luck with those weeds out. Yeah. And if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 828-837-2210. The master gardeners are here on Thursdays and they can help you with some of this information. We'd like to thank you once again for joining us. Thanks for listening.